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Writing for the web is an art that requires creativity, a little technique and a lot of practice. In the public and territorial sector, the issue is both strategic and political. So, how to better reach your targets, make sense, highlight your messages, and continue to perform your public service missions in a context where brands, media and public institutions now play on equal terms to win this famous „battle of the attention „? Far from wanting to be exhaustive or to replace training, these tips were co-written with au assignmenthelpThis reminder of fundamentals will consolidate, I hope, your knowledge or give you ideas to try new things. The first main rule is to be interesting, take a look at others. To write an interesting article, you will have to interest your audience. And to interest, her audience is to be interested in her first. In local communities, this includes meeting the needs of the Internet user and the citizen surfer, each with specific expectations. Often, the Internet user will be looking for information and indications allowing him to live better in his environment or better access to public services.

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Projekttag 2017

Schüler der KSM während des Workshops

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