Blickensderfer 7






Mechanische Typenrad-Reiseschreibmaschine

Hersteller: Blickensderfer Typewriter Company
Modell: 7

– Oberaufschlag
– dreireihiges Tastenfeld
– doppelte Umschaltung

Baujahr: 1897
Land: USA

You have certainly heard that, in order to write well, you need to read a lot. Arrais corroborates the advice and says more: choose a book of your interest and do not go a day without opening it, even if it is to read a few pages. The idea is to prioritize works of fiction. „In addition to bringing grammatical and vocabulary repertoire, literature presents analogies and metaphors, which helps to write better on any subject,“ says top essay writer free worker. Use any pretext to write. If you pay attention, you will see that daily life makes room for small essays all the time. „Write e-mails, messages, notes, reminders, letters and even poems,“ Rosângela suggests. The important thing is to use every possible opportunity to train writing. Arrais goes further and proposes to feed a blog or even a profile in social networks with more „copyrighted“ texts. In this exercise, says the teacher, the priority is not so much the content of the articles, but the attention that you will dedicate to your form.

Besonderheiten: Einfärbung durch Farbröllchen, über 100 verschiedene Schriftarten lieferbar,
Vorläufer der IBM-Kugelkopfschreibmaschine

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